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 In #GreaterROC, we provide over 19,000 students with college diplomas each year. The 80,000+ students across our region are an incredible and unique asset to you as a thriving business in our region. Whether it’s finding the perfect student for your organization, or tapping into the local talent pool, CampusROC seeks to be your personal resource for growing your organization in #GreaterROC. Learn more about how to engage with the incredible emerging leaders in our region at the links below.


Companies and Universities Must Adapt Their Strategies in 2021

January is typically a time for planning, but one thing we learned after 2020 is that we need to

build much more flexibility into our plans so that we’re ready to adapt our strategy and our

budget to changing business and market conditions.

2021: A Look Forward

Each new year brings a moment to think about the future by reflecting on the past. 2020 was

certainly like no other, but some things have remained the same:


How Companies Continue to Address and Overcome Challenges

This week's collection of articles further highlights how companies are addressing and

overcoming the many challenges we continue to face, and we'll be taking a look specifically at

what's in store for campus recruiters this coming spring.

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