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Build Your Future in Greater Rochester with RETAIN.

RETAIN helps recent graduates from trade schools, two-year schools, and colleges in Greater Rochester thrive through professional development, networking, and financial incentives. Enhance your impact and grow your career locally.


Why Join RETAIN?

Explore the key benefits that make RETAIN your perfect post-graduation support program.

Post-Grad Incentives

Our grant offers $4000 per recipient to support recent graduates from trade schools, two-year schools, and colleges staying in Greater Rochester after graduating. This program offers financial discounts to participants for facilities in Innovation Square and other local amenities.


Qualified Applicants

Those who have graduated within one year from a college, university, or trade school located in Greater Rochester and have secured employment in Monroe County, with a focus on minority and women-owned businesses and those in highly distressed zip codes will be prioritized.

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Additional Opportunities

Participants will have access to professional development resources and potential mentorship in partnership with young professional networks. Events include a Welcome Event, a Family Weekend, professional networking opportunities, and an End of Year Celebration.

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Grants Available

This year, RETAIN is supporting up to 25 recipients. 

Barb Egenhofer, Greater Rochester Chamber Director of Talent Strategy

"By partnering with Monroe County to administer the RETAIN program, we are not only increasing the financial incentives but also providing deeper connections and professional development opportunities that will help these young professionals thrive in the Greater Rochester area."

Stay in Greater Rochester

Find out why Greater Rochester is the ideal place to start your career and build your future.

Ready to start your future in Greater Rochester? Apply today!

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