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Legacy Drama House

New City Cafe

James Brown’s Place

Swan Market

Golden Fox


  • Beechwood’s motto, “Welcome to Beechwood, Where Roots Grow Deep,” speaks volumes about the inclusive culture that the neighborhood has created for its residents. The area is filled with passionate activists that can be seen both supporting local businesses and attending monthly meetings of the Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition. 


  • Beechwood was named after the Beech-Nut baby food and chewing gum company, previously located on East Main Street. Today, the area is known as the “rainbow community,” receiving praise for its variety of organizations that actively work to improve the neighborhood. 


  • While Beechwood is filled with several unique local eateries, one of the most popular is the Swan Market. This time-tested deli serves German standards in an eclectic space featuring communal tables and joyful music. After enjoying the “best of the wurst” from their deli, patrons can grab a fresh cup of coffee from New City Cafe. This community-minded coffee shop employs youth from around the neighborhood as a part of their mentorship program.

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