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Lux Lounge

Boulder Coffee

Napa Wood Fired Pizza

Tap and Mallet

Little Shop of Hoarders

Misfit Doughnuts

Little Button Craft


Leaf Tea Bar

Equal Grounds

Cheesy Eddie’s

John’s Tex Mex


Hedonist Chocolates & Ice Cream

Swiftwater Brewing Co.

Lin's Garden

Solera Wine Bar


  • The South Wedge is the home of young professionals, entrepreneurs, caring families and aspiring artists. The mix of eclectic and motivated characters that live in this neighborhood have made the South Wedge one of the most sought after and beloved areas in Rochester. 


  • Those with a sweet tooth will feel right at home in the South Wedge-- between Hedonist Artisan Chocolates and Ice Cream, Misfit Doughnuts and Cheesy Eddies, there are endless varieties of desserts to indulge in across the neighborhood.


  • The South Wedge nightlife is exciting, lighthearted and communal, with several of Rochester's most beloved bars located in the heart of this area. One of these spots is Lux Lounge, an eccentric bar that hosts drag shows and live music nearly every weekend.


  • The neighborhood has two active publications, The Wedge and the South Wedge Quarterly, which often accept submissions from aspiring writers. The streets of the South Wedge are lined with public art, gorgeous statues and beautiful community gardens. 

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