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  • Northland-Lyceum is a cozy residential neighborhood sandwiched between Norton Street, Clifford Avenue, Culver Road and North Goodman Street. The roads are lined with mid-century houses, making this area a dream for architecture lovers searching for a unique place to call home.


  • The neighborhood has an ideal atmosphere for family gatherings and summer barbecues. Children can be seen playing in their yards as neighbors talk fondly to one another across driveways. While Northland Lyceum is primarily residential, there are several businesses and restaurants within walking distance. One of these is Donuts Delite, a 1950s diner with a vintage-feel, serving up delicious pastries and sandwiches. 


  • The neighborhood is only a short drive away from Durand Eastman Park, allowing residents to experience nature at their doorstep. For those that love the beach, Ontario Beach Park and neighboring Charlotte are close enough for homeowners to take advantage of Lake Ontario all season long.

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