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Bathtub Billy’s

Positive Printz

California Brew Haus

West Ridge Hots

Reggae Jamaica Restaurant and Bakery

ReHouse Architectural Salvage

Kodak Center


  • History and architecture lovers will find a place to call home in the Maplewood neighborhood’s historic streets. The area is filled with dozens of iconic Rochester walkways, including Seneca Boulevard, which leads into a series of green spaces designed by the famed American landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. Most of the homes in this neighborhood were built between 1890-1920, a period of economic growth in Rochester’s history. 


  • By taking a closer look at each building, visitors will notice subtle design intricacies on each home, including bay windows, stained glass and spacious porches. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that in 1997, the Maplewood District was declared a designated historic area and is on the National Register for Historic Places.


  • The Maplewood Park on the Genesee River Gorge is a sanctuary for botanists and florists. The park is famous for its rose garden, which contains over 250 varieties of the flower, and hosts a Rose Festival each year. The Maplewood Neighborhood Association actively works to uphold the area's historic integrity through monthly meetings and beautification projects.

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