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  • Charles House in Action / Jay and Orchard Street Neighborhood Association (CHNA/JOSANA) is a multicultural neighborhood located just northwest of Center City. In the early 20th-century, the neighborhood was a part of Dutchtown. As German immigrants arrived in the area, they began to plant hundreds of fruit and nut trees along the streets, giving JOSANA the nickname of “The Fruit and Nut Neighborhood.”


  • Throughout the 20th-century, the area became a hotspot for diversity as Italians, African-Americans and Hispanics joined the neighborhood in different waves. This inclusive environment has led to the development of several community organizations springing up across JOSANA’s streets, including the century-old Charles Settlement House, Flower City Habitat for Humanity and Rochester’s Cornerstone Group. The Charles Settlement House works directly with immigrants and refugees to provide needed resources for families to start a new life in the United States.


  • Residents and local organizations meet on a weekly basis to discuss beautification projects and revitalization efforts for the neighborhood. One of these initiatives, known as the Green Vision Project, uses flowers to foster healthy communities and workforce development including youth employment while also providing phyto-remediation.

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