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  • The historic Highland Park neighborhood is best known for the annual Lilac Festival that has brought visitors from all over the world to Highland Park for over fifty years. However, the beauty of Highland Park can be enjoyed year-round for sledding, jogging, bird-watching and delightful picnics.

  • In 1888, 20 acres of land was given to Frederick Law Olmsted, the famous landscape architect that designed New York City’s Central Park. After Olmsted’s dutiful landscaping, this area became known as Highland Park, and Olmsted’s architectural influences can still be seen on the winding paths and cascading dips of the park today. 


  • Many Rochesterians are unaware of the Lamberton Conservatory, located directly next to Highland Park. The conservatory holds thousands of varieties of tropical plants, trees and even some adorable quail and turtles. During the cold winters, the Lamberton Conservatory acts as a comforting sanctuary for visitors to read, paint and sit quietly inside its walls. 

  • While the neighborhood is relatively small, Highland Park’s close proximity to the South Wedge, Upper Mount Hope and Monroe neighborhoods make the area an ideal place to fully immerse in the heart of Rochester. 

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