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  • EMMA received its name from the popular streets that border this cozy neighborhood: East Main Street, Mustard Street and Atlantic Avenue. While EMMA is a relatively small neighborhood, the area is filled with Rochester history. 


  • In the 19th-century, EMMA’s streets smelled of mustard-- the popular condiment was created at French’s Mustard Company on 1 Mustard Street. At this time, the neighborhood was sparsely populated, with only a few houses lining the streets and a small cemetery located on the North side of the New York Central Railroad Tracks. However, as East Main Street began to act as a hub for transportation, the area started to expand throughout the 20th-century.


  • Fans of secondhand and vintage goods will find joy in searching through the treasure trove of selections at Rochester Greenovation and Utter Clutter. Patrons of the arts will find a space to shine at the Hungerford Building on East Main Street. The repurposed warehouse lights up on First Fridays to showcase work from dozens of up and coming artists.


  • Today, EMMA’s residents work hard to revitalize the neighborhood and attract newcomers while continuing to support this historic section of Rochester.

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