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  • The area received its name from the high influx of German immigrants that resided along its streets in the late 19th-century. At the time, most homeowners were employed by Rochester’s robust milling industry.


  • The area is known as the home of Henry “Heinie” Knight Groh (1899-1968), a baseball legend described as “one of the best fielding and hitting third basemen of his generation.” He played for the New York Giants in the 1900s and took part in several World Series. 


  • The Dutchtown Neighborhood Association takes pride in the neighborhood’s rich history. Together, they constructed a greenspace called “Caring Park” at the corner of Sykes and Maple Street. In 2010, artist Sarah Ferrari Rowley created an art installation for the neighborhood titled “Rochester’s Waterways.” The piece features four panels of stainless steel waves that flow across the Glide Street Bridge between Jay and Maple Streets.

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