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  • Batter up! You’ll never have a summer without baseball if you live in the Brown Square neighborhood. The excitement of Rochester Red Wings’ Frontier Field lights up this historic residential area in the heart of downtown. Brown Square is minutes away from Center City, and it’s packed with opportunity for learning and collaboration. 


  • The neighborhood has several delicious eateries, including Rocky’s, an Italian food staple with hundreds of returning customers, and Zweigles Inc., creators of the famous “white hot.” In the summertime, food trucks can be seen lining State Street, attracting downtown employees with delicious sushi, garbage plates and sandwiches. 


  • Kodak’s world headquarters is located in the area, and if you look closely, you may be able to see the family of hawks that live in their tower. If you head down the road, you can find yourself a new furry friend at the Verona Street Animal Shelter. 


  • Brown Square is filled with innovation, creativity and education. The close proximity of MCC’s Downtown Campus makes it easy to return to school or take a couple classes on the weekends for fun.

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