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Tangie’s Kitchen

El Sabor De La Isla


Mi Viejo San Juan

Ridge Donut Cafe

As Evi


  • If you're looking for a neighborhood that combines natural beauty with the convenience of city living, 14621 should be the new place to call your home. Minutes away from miles of recreational trails, this charming district is home to the Genesee River Gorge and the historic Seneca Park Zoo. 


  • 14621 takes pride in the rich history of immigrant success in their neighborhood. On Hudson Avenue, you can admire some of the businesses and establishments that still stand from 19th-century "Polish Town." Here, Stanislaus Kostka Church, built in 1909, hosts the annual Polish Arts Festival, a summer celebration that brings out hundreds of vendors and artists to the district each year. 


  • Today, the neighborhood's diverse cultural heritage is represented by the shops and restaurants along La Avenida (North Clinton Avenue). In the summertime, this street welcomes hundreds of individuals marching in a parade for the Puerto Rican Festival. 

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