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  • Corn Hill is a historic treasure located on the banks of the Genesee River. Architecture lovers will find a safe haven in this landmark community. The area’s streets are filled with restored 19th-century homes in a variety of modest and elaborate styles. Students, artists, young professionals and families are proud to call this charming neighborhood their home.


  • At the heart of this neighborhood sits the gorgeous Frederick Douglass Circle and Park. The greenspace pays tribute to Douglass’s work as an abolitionist and his publication of the North Star. Only a few blocks away is Clarissa Street, a road that was once referred to as “Rochester’s Broadway.” The street became famous for jazz bars and clubs such as the Pythodd Club and the Elk’s Club. From the 1950s to the early 1970s, these venues drew musicians from all over the world, including Miles Davis and Sarah Vaughan.


  •  For decades, the Corn Hill neighborhood has hosted the Corn Hill Arts Festival. This area festival has grown from a small gathering of artists to more than 400 artists and craftspeople from across the country. 


  • The Corn Hill Neighborhood Association is one of Rochester’s most active community organizations, working with the city government to provide for the continuing improvement of the area. Similarly, the Landmark Society of Western New York, located on S. Fitzhugh St., actively works to preserve Corn Hill’s historic integrity.

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